Return/Refund Policy

Returns and Refunds


Buyers may return the item(s) for a partial or full refund if they are not as described or possess any quality issues.
To be eligible for a return, the purchased product must be unused, in the same condition it was received in and in its original package.
If you change your mind about the purchased product after your item has been packaged a refund will not be possible.
If you are having problems with your product, please contact us within 5 days of taking delivery. If the Shipping Method you have selected does not support a tracking number we will assume your package has arrived 40 days after we sent you our Shipping Confirmation email. If you have selected the Free Shipping method and your product has not arrived after 40 days please contact us so we can take note of this, by doing that you facilitate our process of offering you Refunds and/or Replacements. If you do not contact us within those 40 days and still expirience problems with your item please contact us straight away, we still may offer you a replacement (as long as one is in stock) and in a few select cases offer you a full or partial refund.
We take the liberty of 3 to 5 business days to transfer your refund. If we do grant you a refund for a product you changed your mind about or didn't meet your expectations, we will discount previous transfer and processing fees.



Shipping Cost Refund


The OneWeb Shop does not Refund any Shipping Costs, Fees or any other Charges that may be related to Shipping.


 Items on sale


Only regular priced items will be fully or partially refunded.



Damaged item or not as described


If the purchased product isn't as described, please contact us at within 48 hours of receiving the product.
If your item is flawed a replacement will be offered at the same or at a similar price to you. A refund will not be available if a replacement is available or if the item has been discontinued from our store after this contract expires.
Please to not return your product before contacting us and your return being noted and approved by The OneWeb Shop, as we will not be able to identify and process your return otherwise.



Store Credit


We do not give vouchers, discount codes or any other sort of Store Credit. It is not possible to turn your refund into Credits at our Store. However, if you would like to, instead of a refund, select another product within 2 days of our notice of refund approval, we will ajdust the price of the new item you selected accordingly to the value of your refund. This applies only to refunds, not to replacements.





The Vendor of an item is always specified below its title. If the Product Vendor is not specified as 'The OneWeb Shop' it means that The OneWeb Shop is selling this product on behalf of a third party vendor. In this case The OneWeb Shop does not take responsibility for flawed items, items not delivered, item not as described or any other issue related to the product. However, this third party vendor agrees to our Refund/Return Policies and all the sections above apply, with exception that Refunds are not provided by The OneWeb Shop. If you would like to request a Return or a full or partial Refund please contact us at and we will make the initial assessment of your situation and, if needed, forward your contact information and conversation you had with us about your problem to the vendor responsible for the product.